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It feels pure and original. I have replaced the refined vegetable oil with cold pressed oil and it has a natural aroma. Was initially sceptical, but it goes well with our style of cooking and now I’m using Purnabrmha cold pressed groundnut oil for my regular cooking and  I’m very happy with the quality and taste.


This is the best cold pressed groundnut oil that I’ve used so far. It makes me happy every time I cook with it as the aroma and flavor are just pure and delicious. Definitely and totally recommended.


Totally satisfied with quality, so I changed my cooking oil and shift to cold pressed oil. It is really good in taste. You will definitely feel the difference between common oil and cold pressed oil.


Tasty, good flavor, light and no sticky.  I’m using this oil for past 6 months and it has very good aroma of  almond oil, and it felt like my  childhood days, and it is tasty and also superb when you cook, Nothing can beat Purnabramha oil when it comes to health and taste in  cooking.


Original product with value for money. Great benefits of cold pressed natural oil. You can Google about health benefits of cold pressed oil. It tastes good and the food absorbs less oil. Overall I am satisfied with the product. It’s a great to buy.


Purnabramha is the best brand for edible oil. There are so many varieties of cold pressed oil in market, Purnabramha oil is different and healthy in comparison to other cold pressed oil so don’t get confused with other brands. Must Use for your family health. Satisfied with the product.

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