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It’s one of grandma’s most popular and effective remedies for almost anything. A nice good oil bath!

For many, oil bath may be a mere tradition. But this tradition has its roots in Ayurveda, one of the oldest and time-tested heath care system. Oil bath with unrefined sesame oil, referred to as “Abhyanga” in Ayurvedic texts, has many health benefits. The Vitamin E found in sesame oil helps to lessen damage done to the skin, and also brings a youthful, shining glow to the face. Our grandmas and mothers massaged their families to shining glory.

Oil bath with sesame oil would improve complexion, clean channels of blood circulation, and help overcome drowsiness, stiff joints and numbness, distress, pain and swelling. Due to its good anti-inflammatory properties, Sesame oil also helps in curing several skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Sesame oil contains essential fatty acids like palmitic, oleic, linoleic, and stearic acid that makes it a good moisturizer. Apply it on a regular basis to keep your skin soft and smooth. You can also add it to your bathing water as it can help treat cracked heels and dry knees and elbows.

A mild oil massage to children and babies would strengthen their immune system and ensure healthy growth.

Oil bath and massage would help skin remain smooth and supple. It is useful to counter disorders such as dry skin, cracks, dandruff, falling of hair and improve appetite during winter.

Oil bath on the day of Deepavali is just not a tradition. Deepavali celebrations herald the onset of winter, considered to be a critical period among three seasons, and the human body demands special care. Skin and hair-related disorders are noticed during the dry season of winter. Oil bath on the day of Deepavali is an ideal method to prepare the human body to face winter.

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