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The best quality oils are cold pressed. Cold pressing retains all of the flavour, aroma, and nutritional value of the oil.

The oil is released without any heat treatment. The only heat comes from the friction created during the pressing and never exceeds 35ºC.

We use screw presses – the seeds fall into the thread of the screw and the movement draws the seed through, squeezing out the oil as it is drawn down the shaft of the screw.  The oil is pushed out through small holes in the casing. The meal that comes out the other end, is collected up and is used to make animal feed.

Most refined oils are extracted using chemical solvents and high temperatures. Although the process is highly efficient abstracting 98% of the oil from the seed, compared to our 70%, it removes the taste, smell and colour.

With most refined oils and some other cold pressed oils the seeds can come from many different farms or even countries.  At Purnabramha only the seeds grown on our own farm are used to produce our oil.

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